Indirect Bonding

Traditional bracket placement involves the orthodontist hand placing each bracket directly in the mouth. Accurate direct bracket placement is very difficult for even the most experienced orthodontist. Indirect bonding has been an exciting advancement in orthodontics over the last 10 years. It has great benefit to the patient as it improves patient comfort, reduces the amount of time in the dental chair, improves the accuracy of bracket placement, and reduces treatment time. Despite these advantages only 10% of orthodontists practice indirect bonding! It requires a number of technically difficult laboratory procedures that many offices have difficulty employing.

To ensure accurate bracket placement and reduce treatment time, our office employs a 100% indirect bonding technique. Rather than being placed directly in the mouth, our brackets are mounted, in the precise location, on a patient’s diagnostic models to ensure accuracy. A special tray is fabricated to transfer the brackets to the patient’s teeth in the precise location. This process ensures accurate bracket placement.

Indirect bonding ensures improved patient comfort, reduced time in the dental chair, improved accuracy of bracket placement, and reduced treatment time.