Below are testimonials from our clients.

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“I like everything about Ocean Orthodontics!  You are the best! Thorough, caring, fun, excellent and the view is “non-stop” breathtakingly beautiful!  Hurray for ‘O’ ‘O’!”


“What I like about Ocean Orthodontics is that all the staff are very, very, very, very, very, very nice.  What I also like is that you get points,prizes and gift cards, and that you get to read I spy books and play wii, a snowboarding game and my favorite is pac man.  Also, lots of my friends come here like Marcus and Nick and Ruby. ”


“I like Ocean Orthodontics because they are a very uniform business, with a logo and a nice waiting room in a nicebuilding.  When we were hunting out different places to get orthodontic care, Ocean Orthodontics stood out because the other places were in shabby buildings and very plain rooms inside, with all brown wallpaper.  But at Ocean Orthodontics the waiting room has nice chairs, some nice photographs of whitewater, and even contrasting furniture and wallpaper. It also seems to be run very efficiently, with many staff.  I am happy to have orthodontic care at Ocean Orthodontics.”


“What’s NOT to like at Ocean Orthodontics??? The place is rock star…from the state-of-the-art computer games, to the retro Pac Man table (how cool is that…) to the staff that look like they stepped out of the pages of ELLEmagazine…to  the up-to-the-minute mag selection for the moms (and the coffee/tea bar), to the cool sign-in, to the view, to Dr. Douglas – who looks AND  sounds like the lead singer of some indy rock band (Bare Naked Ladies come to mind), to the happening tunes…oh yeah, and the orthodontic expertise is second-to-none!! ”


“What I like most about Ocean Orthodontics is the incredible view of the North Shore Mountain I get to face as I sit in the chair.  What a beautiful sight. My mom likes the coffee and the magazines that are available while she waits for me. My brother likes the games that are available for him to play on while he waits for me. Lastly, I like Dr. Douglas’ sense of humor. He makes the visit FUN!”